Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. And it really is! Someone mentioned that maybe my content is all really heavy and it is. It is all heavy. I need to tie in all of the moments that are crazy beautiful because there are many. I want to help people. I feel like The Real doesn’t happen often so I want to share The Real. The Real teens. The Real fostering and adoption. The Real being a mom of many. The Real. But you know what? The Real is not always bad. The Real is worth it. The Real is perfect in it’s own way. The Real is us and it isn’t exactly what we dreamed but it is meant for us so it is perfect. I need to share the laughs as well as the frustration. The wonder and the cry. The beauty as well as the ugly. Our lives are made up of constant contradiction and that is ok!
I love my life and every nook and cranny it involves.

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