I have 11 kids.

I am still winging it.

Seriously. They all have drastically different personalities. I have a different personality one day to the next!

There are no right answers. There are no books on how to be the perfect parent. (I would have read it). You know why?

We are different. Different families with different personalities, different morals and different connections.

That is what really matters. Connection. There are no right answers. We are all trying our best. We love our children. We read the books. The articles. The advice. We read and we worry.

Want to know what is the most important?
Again. Connection. Belonging. Love no matter what. Acceptance. No.matter.what. But they have to know that. Deep down. They have to know that you are there for them. Unconditionally.

My main insecurity is being a good mom.

What is a good mom?

I kiss my kids boo boo’s. I feed them. I tuck them in. Is that enough?

I mess up all.the.time. I yell. I cry. I say things I shouldn’t.
Am I enough?

I am choosing Yes. I comfort. I listen. I love. I accept. I cry. I allow to cry. I empathize. Did I mention I love?

Yes I have 11 children and I would love to tell you that I have it figured out. All of it. I do know when they have a fever and how high. (Kiss their forehead. The further down their body it goes the higher it is. Hot feet mean 103 +. I have my parenting handbook but I don’t have the parenting expert book.

Infants, toddlers, kids, preteens I’ve got it. Teens I am treading water day and night. I am learning.

All this to say that none of us have it figured out. But we can still be good parents. Wing it with love. That’s what I do.

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