A Bit of Funny for Sunday

I am going to start my fostering/adoption category with a fun post. The hard can wait.

On occasion CAS (Children’s Aid Society) will have training to help foster parents learn about how to help children in our care.

I pull up at CAS ready to learn!

I get up to the door and the intercom is repeating CODE ORANGE repeatedly.

I am supposed to know what each code represents but I didn’t.

I am standing outside with the doors locked down.

CODE ORANGE (This is the intercom)

There is a lady by me needing to use the washroom and a security guard standing next to me.

I lean over and ask the security guard “What does code orange mean again?”

He puts up his finger to tell me to wait. I stand there like the good citizen I am – patient.


Meanwhile this woman really has to pee! I’m thinking – Well, we don’t know what the situation may be. Clearly it is serious enough for them to lock the doors. It’s probably safer out here.

When the security guard doesn’t seem preoccupied I ask again “Would you know what code orange means?”


Security guard seems a bit stressed and says Please Wait.

After a few minutes this woman storms off.

Finally, CODE ORANGE stops and the doors unlock. If she waited a few more minutes she could have used the washroom.

I was late now for my training (I was probably late anyway but I have an excuse now so I’m going to use it) I quickly make it into the room.

About halfway through the training I start to giggle. And giggle. It hits me what code orange means.

I was IN the Code Orange!

That woman WAS the Code Orange!

When my training was done on the way out I ask the security guard “We were in the Code Orange, weren’t we?” He replies “Yes. Yes we were.”

And THAT is why I shouldn’t go out in public.

Poor security guard.

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Kerry Wolgen
Kerry Wolgen
1 year ago

Lol, The best code orange situation I ever heard.

1 year ago

It would’ve been nice for them to call you aside, or work it out so you were not out there in possible danger! I understand the guard was there but …. I guess it’s a learning experience!! Thank you for opening your home and having the beautiful ability to love children as your own and knowing they never feel different or less loved then your other children! DNA does not make the bond