Hey!  I want this to be a place for you to get cozy.  Grab a HOT (not lukewarm) coffee or tea.  

Bring a blanket.  Everything is better with a blanket.

I want this to be a place where you have Oh yes!! moments.  Laughing moments.  Crying moments.  REAL moments.

I want this to be a place where you don’t feel alone.  Where we connect.  Where we are raw and free to share our Real.  Ourselves.

In a world of posed pictures, edited lives and perfected posts –

What about flaws?  What about mistakes?  Tantrums (toddlers and teens!!), anxiety, apple cores in couch cushions, sippy cups in vents (Yup! my house), tears in the evening, feeling defeated and waking up new.


Real life.

Let’s Do It!

My name is Neely.  I am married with 11 children.  We live in Canada – Why Oh Why do I live in Canada?  I am made for California or anywhere warm all.the.time.  Canada is beautiful but I would give it up for hot sun and toasty toes!

We foster and adopt which is beautifully busy.

I have anxiety which I developed a few years ago while pregnant with our son.

I am a Christian.

I homeschool most of our kids.

I am sensitive and non-confrontational but will stand up for what I believe in. (Seriously! What am I doing blogging life when I am sensitive?)  

I want to help others through being real and honest.

Life can be amazingly awesome and it can be amazingly broken.

This is where I will be (with my blanket) and my heart.

Grab a cup and join me.