Part One : The Storm is Brewing

I have chosen to write my anxiety story in 3 parts because I would like to break it down. All 3 parts are equally important and equally heavy. Here is my “before”. My storm that was brewing. I believe my anxiety started when my dad passed away. He suffered a lot and I was there. I will just say it was life changing for me. I didn’t see the world in the same bubble-wrapped, light… Read More »Part One : The Storm is Brewing

Anxiety and Alcohol

I have a confession. Alcohol helps with my anxiety. In the moment it calms my nerves and it calms my mind. No longer am I jumping from one thought to the next. The dread eases. I relax. 3 years ago I started on medication for anxiety. Something I didn’t know I had until I was pregnant for my 3yo son. I thought I was going crazy. In a way I was. I suffered greatly for… Read More »Anxiety and Alcohol

The Monster Inside of Me

Are you afraid of monsters? Are you afraid of clowns with balloons and sharp teeth? How about dogs? Heights? Spiders? Weather? I want you to picture your biggest fear.   A stranger with a knife?  Losing someone you love? Now I want you to picture this biggest fear, this terrifying keep-awake-at-night fear is living inside of you.  Really picture how horrific that would be. My monster is anxiety. When I was in my “dark days” I will… Read More »The Monster Inside of Me

Suicide and our Children

This has been on my heart lately and I believe it has for this reason. Teen Suicide Do these words make you uncomfortable? They make me uncomfortable. So many feelings go along with Suicide. Fear, hopelessness, avoidance, shame, awkward. There is a very important reason to face this Word. This terrifying word. Our children. Did you know that the second leading cause of death of kids ages 10-24 is Suicide? This needs to be talked… Read More »Suicide and our Children