Teen Talk


Just when you think you’ve got parenting all figured out Life throws you a curveball. Teenagers How hard can it be? I was one not that long ago right? Right? Sorry mom. I mean, I became a pro! I can change a bum with them standing up. Probably blindfolded, hopping on one foot. I know what they eat, why they won’t, what battles to pick, sleep stuff, play stuff, homeschooling stuff, mom stuff. I GOT… Read More »Connection

Suicide and our Children

This has been on my heart lately and I believe it has for this reason. Teen Suicide Do these words make you uncomfortable? They make me uncomfortable. So many feelings go along with Suicide. Fear, hopelessness, avoidance, shame, awkward. There is a very important reason to face this Word. This terrifying word. Our children. Did you know that the second leading cause of death of kids ages 10-24 is Suicide? This needs to be talked… Read More »Suicide and our Children