Parenting-The Best Place To Be

Sometimes I don’t write because I don’t have it all together. You would think that a mom of 11 should. I don’t. I am right with you trying to potty train. Trying to get our almost 4yo out of our bed and at the same time loving it. Trying to figure out teenagers when there is no way to figure out teenagers. Trying to parent.

I feel like I should be giving some kind of advice. How to keep your house clean 101. A big nope to that. How to have your teen not hate you from time to time. Ha! How to discipline but not have your children disconnect from you. Sigh. How to parent.

Honestly, it is trial and error. To make it even harder it is different for each child! (On different days!!!)

Parenting is not easy. It isn’t easy staying up all night with a fussy baby. It isn’t easy with a toddler running to you with a steak knife (been there..maybe more than once). It isn’t easy deciding when to give independence. It isn’t easy letting go. It isn’t easy but in the hard it is beautiful.

My simple/hard advice is Stay Connected.

Through it all. Stay Connected.

The late nights, the screaming, the disrespect, the crying (me), the endless dream telling of littles, the laughing and the frustration.

Stay Connected because they will connect to someone else and that may not be a good thing.

Through everything we are their parents. They need us and want us whether they or we know it or not. They do.

Be there.

Stay Connected.

It is the best place to be.

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Ann Phelps
Ann Phelps
1 year ago

I so relate to all of this! From teething baby to teenage angst, I’m feeling it all with you. And I struggle with staying connected to the teens because ,quite frankly, they aren’t always nice. Good reminder to keep trying.

1 year ago

I feel you and couldn’t agree more. I am learning everyday through trial and error! Showing up and being there is so important.

1 year ago

Such a refreshing read. I can relate to many of your examples. Much success to you continuing this motherhood journey!