Suicide and our Children

This has been on my heart lately and I believe it has for this reason.

Teen Suicide

Do these words make you uncomfortable? They make me uncomfortable.

So many feelings go along with Suicide. Fear, hopelessness, avoidance, shame, awkward.

There is a very important reason to face this Word. This terrifying word.

Our children.

Did you know that the second leading cause of death of kids ages 10-24 is Suicide?

This needs to be talked about. Not just on here but in our homes. In your home.

I was watching a video recently of a heartbroken woman sharing about how her son committed suicide in 2020. She said she was afraid to talk to her son because she didn’t want to give him any ideas.

BAM! That is exactly what I thought before talking to my son. My beautiful son.

Trust me. They know about suicide. They know people who have committed suicide. This is not uncommon.

Please, go to your children. Sit with them. Make eye contact.

If you are not used to this it may feel awkward. Do it anyway.

They may roll their eyes and be snotty. Do it anyway.

You may be busy. They may be busy. Do it anyway.

Whether they are considering suicide or not the CONNECTION is important. Real Connection.

Please hear me on this. Ask them if they have thought of suicide. Don’t sugarcoat the word. It is real. Then talk about it. Tell them that their feelings matter and that they are going to be ok. The first step to help is talking about it and connection with someone they feel safe with.

Listen to them. Validate them. You still can. You can talk with them. You can hug them. You can laugh with them. You can watch a movie, have a coffee, share a look, pat their back, play video games, go to a game, sit in silence.

You still have your child.

So, so many parents don’t. So many parents.

Please don’t wait. We think we have so much time. So much time to talk and love and be. What if we don’t?

I make it a point to connect with each of my children daily. I know that can sound hard with all of our busy. I mean, I have 11 children! One minute of connection can mean the world. To you and to your child.

I ask as they walk by, How are you? What are you planning today? Make a joke. Tease them a bit. Connection.

Again, Please don’t wait. Go today and connect. Talk candidly. Be there.

Take that valuable time with them before you don’t have that chance anymore.

You won’t regret it.

With love,


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